Covid-19 Resources for Children

If you are a parent, teacher or caregiver, it is important that you have as many resources for children as possible. I found the following resources on the Unite for Literacy e-book collection. Below are two good resources for children. The first one is a book explaining Covid-19 to children. The second is a book about the importance of handwashing.

Kids want to know: What is Covid-19?

Wash your hands






Snack Ideas for Children

Each day, I receive questions from parents about books, ideas for learning, schedules, and tips for learning at home. More recently, the posts regarding ideas for feeding children are beginning to increase. After working in a daycare setting for several years, I learned a great deal about healthy and economical snacks for children. If your child needs food that is gluten free and to avoid peanut, soy, and milk allergies, you can replace the peanut butter and nut suggestions with an additional piece of fruit, and/or extra raisins. You can also replace the ranch dressing with an oil and vinegar dressing. Below are seven suggestions for daily snacks to avoid feeding children too much pre-processed foods which are unhealthy and do not quench the hunger of children. If children eat cheap junk food for snacks, they will remain hungry and want more junk or food an hour later. The list below provides some variety and children will love the tasty treats.

  1. Homemade popcorn and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade recipes

2. Fresh sliced cheese, crackers, and apple juice recipes

3. Apples, peanut butter, and raisins recipe

4. Tangerine and nuts

5. Yogurt parfait with fruit and granola recipes

6. Carrot, celery slices with ranch dressing recipes

7. Smoothies recipes


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